Home Exercise Programs For Patients

Improve faster from your physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions by staying connected with your practitioners between sessions

Get back to doing what you love

Embodia’s rehabilitation practitioners leverage new technology to treat patients remotely, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

A new kind of physiotherapy and rehabilitation

We know, and have experienced ourselves, how frustrating it can be to spend time and money in rehabilitation but see limited results.

Take control of your health and become an active participant in your recovery

  • Access your program anywhere
    Available on Apple, Android, and Web. Printing options also available.
  • Video based exercises
    Watch videos shared by your practitioner of your precise exercises with all of the instructions your need for success.
  • Complimentary education material
    Learn about your condition with tailored education shared by your practitioner.
  • A supportive approach to care
    Stay connected with your practitioner between sessions with secure messaging and progress tracking.

“It shows you exactly what to do, when to do it and in what order to do your exercises. It’s like going from the stone age to the modern age.”– Bill R.

Key features of Embodia's Home Exercise Program include:

Access personalized exercise videos sent by your practitioner
Receive encouraging reminders
Keep a progress diary that you can choose To share with your practitioner
Message your practitioner as needed
Access personalized educational material sent by your practitioner
Track your progress & functional goals, symptom levels & other outcome measures
Take online courses from experts on a wide range of topics

All available on Apple, Android and web

Better relationships, better care

Embodia builds trust between patients and their rehabilitation practitioner – resulting in a better experience for patients and better outcomes overall.

Ready to improve your rehabilitation outcomes?