Two Way Messaging

Better patient outcomes starts with better communication

Deliver your exercises, your way. Increase retention and referrals by elevating your patient experience

With Embodia’s secure private messaging platform, share additional resources, provide support, follow up on rehab protocol compliance, and increase touch frequencies with your patients.

Security built for healthcare standards

Gone are the days of unsecured emails and texts.

Embodia’s HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant texting platform has been designed specifically with healthcare needs in mind so you don’t need to worry about it.

How it works

A smarter and faster way to communicate

  • Give your patients the convenience to reach care on-demand from anywhere

Better patient outcomes

  • Help patients with common problems or helpful reminders through intelligent chat tools

Continued patient-care beyond the clinic

  • Create post-care experiences for the modern connected patient. Keep treatments on track with personalised reminders for exercise routines and progress tracking

Instant responses

  • Quickly access your messages on the go with the Embodia mobile app and receive notifications when there are new messages

Real-time feedback

  • Patients can take notes on exercise programs and their progress, and then receive real-time feedback from their trusted practitioner

Improve patient satisfaction with Embodia's Two Way Messaging service

Opt-in: Turn messaging on/off
Send encouraging notes
Increase compliance/adherence
Decrease phone calls & emails to save time
Improve gaps in care communication & management
Reply to your patients exercise notes

Two-way messaging is included in the Embodia Clinic Membership. Get started now.