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Season 6 MENOPAUSE STRONG: Yoga (Jan 19 - Feb 23, 2022)

Season 6 MENOPAUSE STRONG: Yoga (Jan 19 - Feb 23, 2022)

Season 6 MENOPAUSE STRONG: Yoga (Jan 19 - Feb 23, 2022)

Restricted Access
Online Support for registrants of the virtual Physio Rehab series at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre (Wednesdays 3:15pm, Jan 19-Feb 23, 2022)

Age with grace and resilience by restoring and building a foundation of balance and strength to keep you mobile, active and healthy for years to come.  

Focused on optimizing the top 3 most common post-menopause health concerns: pelvic, bone and cardiac health. 

Designed and taught by Andrea Plitz, Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher, these weekly 1 hour physio rehab classes will intentionally progress you over 6 weeks to restore pelvic health including leaking, pressure and sexual health; as well as lay the foundation for improved balance while building more bone capacity through integrated strength training; all in a fun and unique way that will also get your heart rate pumping! 

This class is designed and safe for:

  • All women who are transitioning through or have already reached menopause
  • Have mild-moderate complaints of pelvic floor dysfunction including but not limited to pelvic organ prolapse, urinary or fecal incontinence, urgency &/or frequency, etc.
  • Have concerns about bone health, with or without a diagnosis, and want to improve bone growth and strength for prevention or maintenance
  • Have no, mild-moderate heart concerns, with or without a cardiopulmonary diagnosis, who are or are not taking cardiac medications

Recommended Equipment & Alternatives (if joining from home):

    • Yoga blocks x2
    • Yoga mat
    • Yoga tune-up ball or tennis ball (NOT a lacrosse ball)
    • Theraband (or something stretchy, such as tights) 
    • 5-10lbs weight/kettlebell (or something similar in weight, such as a bag of potatoes or detergent bottle) 
    • Dining room/foldable chair 
    • Bolster/pillows/wedge as needed

In Clinic Logistics & Infection Control: 

The instructors
Andrea Plitz
Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher
As a physiotherapist and yoga teacher Andrea loves to blend the science and art of biomechanical diagnosis and holistic therapeutics with movement, energy, and breath. She believes a big part of that is helping people to reconnect with their bodies in a new and individualized way taking into consideration their unique health and movement profile. This allows the body and mind to work together to enhance outcomes, integrating positive change in an easy and holistic manner to improve health, function, and movement, returning to oneness.
Course Material included in this course
  • Week 1
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 2
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 3
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 4
  • Weekly replay
  • Week 5
  • Weekly replay
  • Week 6
  • Weekly replay
Programs included in this course
  • Menopause Strong - week 3
  • Menopause Strong - week 2
  • Menopause Strong - week 1