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Season 6 PRENATAL PREPPED: Yoga (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

Season 6 PRENATAL PREPPED: Yoga (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

Season 6 PRENATAL PREPPED: Yoga (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

Restricted Access
This course includes
Online Support for registrants of the virtual Physio Rehab series at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre (Thursdays 2:30pm, Jan 20-Feb 24, 2022)

Many changes occur to your body during pregnancy, which challenge your body and mind in many different ways. This may lead to pain and/or dysfunction, possibly limiting your mobility for labour and/or creating imbalances that persist postnatally including diastasis recti, core &/or pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and more.

Created by Andrea Plitz, PT & RYT, this 6 week physio rehab series aims to connect mind and body, assisting you to support the changes throughout pregnancy, prepare for labour,  as well as optimize birth outcomes and recovery postnatally.

Various topics will be discussed and integrated throughout this series including:

  • Understanding and connecting to core, including pelvic floor in various postures and functional movements
  • Preparing body & mind for labour, birth and recovery postpartum
  • Breathwork, Mindfulness & Meditation

Recommended Equipment & Alternatives (if joining from home):

  • Yoga mat; Carpet, other exercise mat or towel/ blanket
  • Dining or folding chair - ideally without arms
  • Yoga blocks (2); stack of books, step stool 
  • Yoga Bolster; sturdy pillow, folded towel or blanket
  • Yoga Strap/ Belt; pillow case, waist belt, robe belt
  • 12” inflatable ball (Coregeous); other inflatable ball (small-medium size)
  • Water bottle

In Clinic Logistics & Infection Control: 

The instructors
Andrea Plitz
Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher
As a physiotherapist and yoga teacher Andrea loves to blend the science and art of biomechanical diagnosis and holistic therapeutics with movement, energy, and breath. She believes a big part of that is helping people to reconnect with their bodies in a new and individualized way taking into consideration their unique health and movement profile. This allows the body and mind to work together to enhance outcomes, integrating positive change in an easy and holistic manner to improve health, function, and movement, returning to oneness.
Course Material included in this course
  • Week 1
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Side Lying over bolster/ pillow
  • Piston breathing with Lower Transversus Abdominis
  • Piston with distal Rectus Abdominis
  • Week 2
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Active Cats
  • External Pelvic Floor Muscle release with ball
  • Piston breathing with External Oblique Activation
  • Week 3
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 4
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 5
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 6
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback