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Season 6 CORE CONFIDENCE: Hypopressives (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

Season 6 CORE CONFIDENCE: Hypopressives (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

Season 6 CORE CONFIDENCE: Hypopressives (Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2022)

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Dior Krolak
Online Support for registrants of the virtual Physio Rehab series at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre ()

Feeling heavy, bloated or out of sync with your centre? Pelvic or abdominal pressures causing discomfort, leaking or prolapse?

This low pressure fitness technique (hypopressives) targets the deep core musculature and its synergistic function, while assisting to redistribute pressures of the thorax, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. Hypopressives train the body as a unit using postural and respiratory tasks, focusing on myofascial stretching, diaphragm mobilization and core stabilization while avoiding excessive demands of increased intra-abdominal pressure - all which impact many common pelvic floor complaints including pelvic organ prolapse (“pop”), urinary or fecal urgency, frequency &/or incontinence, constipation, and more. 

A few of the benefits in the practice include:

  • enhances posture
  • prevents all types of herniation 
  • regulates or improves respiratory parameters
  • prevents or reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence, urgency and frequency, as well as pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • improves management of intra-abdominal and pelvic pressures, including diastasis recti (DRA)
  • prevents musculoskeletal injuries through better alignment
  • improves lumbo-pelvic stabilization
  • enhances quality of life and well being

This  multilevel class (Level 1 & 2) will focus on introducing the basic and key concepts of the practice, including progressively learning all 7-8 level 1 postures, as well as an introduction to more advanced level 2 postures, both supported and unsupported to meet you where you are at. Great for those 6 weeks to 20 years postpartum and/or for those with any of the above symptoms, including those without kids. 

Classes are 1 hour and limited to 5 participants for more individual care. Classes may be covered by extended health insurance plans under Physiotherapy if you are currently under active care. For all outside patients, please have your referring Physio complete the form below.

Recommended Equipment & Alternatives (if joining from home):

  • Yoga mat; Carpet, other exercise mat or towel/ blanket
  • Yoga Strap/ Belt; pillow case, waist belt, robe belt
  • 12” inflatable ball (Coregeous); other inflatable ball (small-medium size)
  • Water bottle

In Clinic Logistics & Infection Control: 

Course Material included in this course
  • Week 1
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 2
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 3
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 4
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 4 Replay
  • Week 5
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback
  • Week 6
  • Weekly replay
  • Weekly feedback