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Desk Unwind Yoga - CLASS REPLAY

Desk Unwind Yoga - CLASS REPLAY

Desk Unwind Yoga - CLASS REPLAY

Restricted Access
This course includes

Only for currently registered participants of the weekly class series at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre (Fall 2020 session).

Do you sit all day long, or spend a lot of your time hunched over at a desk or mobile device? 

This 6 week series of Desk Unwind yoga classes is designed to help you create space in your body and connect with your breath to relieve tension, increase energy and focus the mind so you can move through the rest of your day with productivity and ease. 

Hours spent working at our desks from home or office along with increased sitting time can reinforce repetitive movement patterns and muscle imbalances that can cause tension and pain in our neck, shoulders, back and hips. This class series will help participants gain an understanding of the biomechanics that lead to these imbalances and access the appropriate corrective postures to better align and reboot their posture and mental, emotional and physical energy.

In addition to relaxing neck and chest tightness, participants in our Desk Unwind program will learn simple sequences to activate and strengthen the muscles of our torso that typically become overworked and tired or conversely underutilized through our postural habits to better strengthen and support the spine.

Each class will also include a short core sequence to support our spine in sitting and awaken our energy, and specific breathing practices to help calm the mind, reduce worries, improve focus and attention, increase mental and emotional clarity and bring about positivity to your day.

The instructors
Lara Winnemore
Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Lara is known for her effective cueing and being able to modify exercise to best fit where her clients are at on their wellness journey. She takes a client-centered approach to exercise selection and program design, with the goal to ultimately empower her clients to take the lead in their healing, recovery and re-training. She believes strongly that more is not better; better is better, and she is excited to help her clients find ease and confidence in movement, and ultimately joy in life.
Course Material included in this course
  • Weekly Class Replays
  • Week 1 Class
  • Week 2 Class
  • Week 3 Class
  • Week 4 Class
  • Week 5 Class
  • Week 6 Class
Programs included in this course
  • Desk Unwind Yoga - basics