Powering the Future of Physical Rehab

We are on a mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered by empowering clinicians with the tools, technology, and education to deliver data-driven care that improves patient outcomes.

Embodia - a play on the word ‘embody’‍

Embodia is for the innovative, forward thinking clinician, owner, and organization - for those ready to embrace and embody innovation, for the change makers.

We envision a not-too-distant day in which all rehab pros embody and deliver a hybrid model of care, putting patients in the driver’s seat of their recovery.

How we started...

Hi There - I’m Maggie, a physiotherapist who has come to understand how powerful technology can be in healthcare.

And this is Elie, a chemical engineer who taught himself how to code on the train to and from his engineering job.

We met by happy accident while dragon boating in Toronto in 2014. I reported (ahem, complained) about how much time I spent on administrative work, designing patient education and exercises, and traveling to continuing education courses. With Elie’s newfound coding skills, he proposed that we build an app to solve these problems.

So in October of 2014, we embarked on this journey together which has evolved from a side hustle to a full-time job.

As a physiotherapist, I have come to recognize the incredible impact that technology can have on our patients' lives and the efficiency of our practices.

At Embodia, we believe we can build technology together, as a community, that best serves us, our practices, and our patients.

Our Team Embodies These Values:

Deliver WOW through service

  • At Embodia, anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW. To WOW, you must be innovative, unconventional and go above and beyond what's expected. We seek to WOW our customers, co-workers, the industry, and our partners.


  • Embodia does not own your data. We don’t sell, use or abuse any data. All users, instructors, patients, practitioners, and clinic owners, own their own data.

Dare to be different

  • We question the status quo and push the boundaries on connecting rehab. We think outside of the box and embody healthcare innovation. We iterate, re-conceptualize issues, challenge assumptions and minimize complexity to discover better approaches and practical solutions to hard problems.

Never stop learning

  • Learning is the only place to find resilience and possibility because learning is a lifelong skill that isn’t domain-dependent. Most of the real learning moments in our lives are accidental; a situation presents itself, and if we’re lucky, we learn from it.

    We built Embodia to make learning intentional.

Maggie Bergeron

Co-founder, CEO

Registered physiotherapist (MScPT, McMaster University 2009; BSc(Hons), University of Ottawa), Maggie co-founded Embodia in 2014. She also hosts TechTO Health - a health technology community. Maggie has been an invited speaker at universities, technology symposiums, and healthcare conferences across Canada.

Outside of work, Maggie enjoys traveling, rock climbing and backcountry camping.

Elie Afif

Co-founder, CTO

Elie Afif is a full stack software developer with experience in the healthcare industry.

As a chemical engineer (BEng, McGill University; MEng, University of Toronto), Elie worked for an engineering consulting firm designing air pollution control systems.His world changed overnight when he picked up a Python (programming language) book.

Elie quit his job and taught himself the skills needed for his fulfilling new career.

Elie is an avid biker and rock climber.

Norma Rahbani

Digital Marketing Manager

A constant learner (MBA with a marketing emphasis, Lebanese American University), Norma has always had a passion for design, which is why she also decided to add graphic design to her education.

Norma is also a professional basketball player who believes that “learning to work with a group of people on the court or at work towards a single, selfless goal, is an under-valued life lesson itself.”

Nataliya Zlotnikov

Customer Success Manager

Nataliya has always strived to balance science and art in her life, obtaining her MSc and HBSc from the University of Toronto, and later her professional dance training from George Brown College and Ballet Creole.

At Embodia, Nataliya is able to continuously grow and learn (her favourite things to do), first, as Embodia’s Content Writer, and now as the Customer Success Manager. In conjunction with her educational background, having been raised in various countries, cultures, and communities affords Nataliya an inclusive and unique perspective to these roles.

In addition to her work with Embodia, Nataliya is also a personal trainer, dancer, graphic designer and Pilates instructor. She hopes to embark on her journey in healthcare studies in the upcoming years.

Danny Alexander

Videographer & Video Editor

A Toronto-based videographer (Fine Arts, Fanshawe College), Danny has a diverse portfolio, extending to short films, live event & interview coverage, music & lifestyle videos, and much more.

While studying at Fanshawe, Danny developed a multi-disciplinary approach that builds on rotoscoping, stop motion animation, and documentary film. In 2021, Danny released his first full-length documentary ‘No Tickets At The Door’.

Danny is also a committed musician and community builder, an avid gardener, bicyclist, and home chef.

Landyn Quigley

Exercise Content Manager

After earning his Kinesiology and Master of Fitness Science degrees (BSc, MSc, York University), Landyn worked as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. He then decided to become a physiotherapist (MScPT, University of Toronto). Landyn is an advocate of the notion “movement is medicine.”  

Outside of work, you can expect to find him practicing calisthenics and strength training, running, and dancing up a storm on a Friday night. He also loves cooking, jamming out to music and playing guitar.

Sukhbir Manku

Exercise Library & YouTube Content Manager

Sukh (MScPT; BSc(Hons) Molecular Biology & Biochemistry), has a diverse history in transplant and cancer research, youth services, advocacy, exercise coaching, and education, and is now a physical therapist. He heavily focuses on building a strong therapeutic alliance with his patients and believes that care should ALWAYS be client-centred.

Outside of work, you will find Sukh taking care of his puppy, reading, playing volleyball, working out at the gym or callisthenics park, gaming, playing guitar, or cooking up a storm in his kitchen!

We are here to support you. We are committed to you, your practice, and your patients.